Healing and Miracle Church International is happy to connect to you. We are a Non-Denominational fellowship for all peoples, nationalities, races and ethnic groups, as the saying goes red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight. This ministry is a branch of Faith Ministries (Bribi Ministries) of Surname Paramaribo. The founder and Apostle of Bribi Ministries is Apostle Irma Gimith. During the years 1991 to 1995 Pastor Vivian McCalman worked in Bribi (Faith) Ministries under the Leadership and blessing of Apostle Irma Gimith, in Paramaribo Suriname. Those pioneering days included establishing outreaches, laying foundations and teaching the Saints. After arriving in the USA, Pastor Vivian McCalman worked with a number of Ministers before the Holy Spirit led Him to establish Healing and Miracle Church, which was established under this name in 2014. The vision of this ministry is to establish, by God’s grace, a church that seats 10,000 souls in central Brooklyn and to take the Gospel all over the USA and around the world. This Fellowship is also connected to: The Full Gospel Fellowship, New York Chapter, under Apostle Narrish Samaroo and International Pastors and Ministers Connection (IPMC) of Faith Fellowship Ministry, Sayreville, New Jersey.